Burning 99.9% OF Terra Luna Classic SUPPLY! $1 POSSIBLE?

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How high can the terra luna classic price go just a few hours from now, we will have staking and delegation reactivated on the blockchain today as well as the 99 band offers implemented on the chain
How high can the terra luna classic price go just a few hours from now, we will have staking and delegation reactivated on the blockchain today as well as the 99 band offers implemented on the chain. we're talking about the burns we can see in the next few days and two weeks how much can we go up in these prices you don't want to miss this video this is going to be a very very big video let's get straight to the point ok so we know we are about to get code 22 implemented, this will instantly re-enable the stake and then 1.2 will allow us to implement a parameter change recommendation to start the burn so we will get stakes instantly and then hopefully in the next few days we will get a new proposal within a week at most that will allow us to vote as owners on how much we want the burns to be, of course this 1.2 burn and then hopefully we'll be on our way around September 12 it actually has the application but the code is already ready for the blockchain burning to begin so with the volume we see here we see how much the price can go up and now that we know for sure how many coins we will burn. Here we see that the daily volume of transactions is around $400 million, and we actually actually reached $1.7 billion in daily transaction volume on the blockchain in the last 24 hours, so if you look at the mass currently around 500 million to 1 billion coins per day, 1 to 3 trillion coins per month any even though somewhere or anywhere from about 60 to potentially 100 plus billion coins are burning every day, what we need to be sure of is before that, these major exchanges can be started on the burn, as if only a certain percentage of the tokens were van applied, this could be a big deal, We know this is going very well. both binance mandela and plethora of other exchanges will be implementing the new code and the manual ban on exchange financing has been confirmed in this announcement, so now we know that majority exchanges and on-chain ban are in place, what good does it actually mean for price increase, if we mimic what happened a few months ago and looking at that I think it's going to be a mix of two things and I want to make it very clear once again there should be no price predictions in this video financial advice we have a luna bag but of course we speculate as much as a normal market and personally we profit from any pump going and you are a responsible person you know you're investing in a similar way but if we see a similar pump we could see anything 100 150 potentially even 200 price increase from where we were a few days ago it already seems to have increased around 30 to 40 percent, when fomo starts I see that going on so this is going price first be a big influence Fingers crossed in the burn numbers we saw later, hopefully we should get about a trillion coins from the terra luna classic supply within the first one to two weeks. obviously it depends on how high the price goes up, as prices go up and the 24h volume increases the less coins we can buy back and burn, so less of the price can go up but if we get a very very good volume and a decent amount but not a parabolic price increase , we must be able to really reduce the circulating supply, this will obviously increase the price naturally due to the natural laws of supply and demand, if the cyclical supply of a coin falls but the demand for the coin stays the same or rises that means there are fewer coins but the same number of people willing to buy them means it's human, so obviously the price will naturally go up, and that's where the long-term burns really come into play. As long as we can stay above a few hundred million dollars which will be very important and we will talk about this why staking is so important it could mean that much bigger burns and higher price targets are possible for us. to achieve some of these higher price targets on the chain we've done the mass before we need the circulating supply to reach much lower levels, we'll need a 10x reduction in the circulating supply to get around a 10x increase in right investment will set us up for about a 10th of a penny applied to hit the roughly 650 billion that is, 65 billion on a penny supply 6.5 billion on 10 cents and then 650 million on a dollar now I think those lofty goals are far less achievable but I think a trillion tokens in the circulating supply from the first six months to a year Getting down to honesty might even be heck heck if we excel at chain activity. In just a few months depending on how big fomo is on the chain, ppen and I see a realistic 10x in market value if fomo goes crazy once again, so if all goes to plan, bone goes perfectly we can
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