Pinksale's highest pre-sale is Angel Dust

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  • Angel Dust
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Pinksale with a million dollar turnover for more than 1 year. The angel dust nft project achieved the highest pre-sales in its history pinksale.
What is Angel Dust? Angel Dust is a Marketplace that aims to change NFT culture and the way the NFT and Token communities currently see one another by effectively bringing both these communities together with a wide variety of token payment acceptances and a functioning token burn concept that any crypto token or NFT community can use and provide their holders with even more utility. The pre-sale of angel dust broke a record in the history of pinksale by selling 3000 bnb ($844,000) in about 15 minutes. Advertising is thought to be what keeps this token so valuable. We'll watch together what happens after the pre-sale is complete. Pinksale has recently seriously upset its investors with many scam projects. It is trying to gain trust again with services such as safu and kyc that it has developed. Never fully trust a decentralized system. Keep in mind that cryptos are totally high risk and you can lose all your money.
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Angel Dust

THE #1 COMMUNITY FOCUSED NFT MARKETPLACE. Angel Dust is a Marketplace that aims to change ...





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