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terra luna classic officially upgraded to version 22, so now staking has been implemented on the blockchain and a 1.2 percent burn for activation bid is fully set, to be discarded There are huge needs that are needed, so if you total in the classic,
terra luna classic officially upgraded to version 22, so now staking has been implemented on the blockchain and a 1.2 percent burn for activation bid is fully set, to be discarded There are huge needs that are needed, so if you total in the classic, you don't I want to miss, come on now let's move on to this video, so the video As I said at the beginning, we start with steak on the blockchain. , now successfully implemented on chain, version 22 upgrade went perfectly and We have already surpassed 140 billion. Moon classic , so $140 billion, for example, in the classic more than two percent of the total terror supply already stacking up and that's what we're talking about in terms of a burn, right staking a large percentage of terlini classic takes it out of the box. supply and that's literally only in the first 12 hours because it's getting two percent in the first 12 hours, I guess We can see very easily that this can hit. Depending on what the stake rewards are for monthly classic stakers, your circulation is between three and five maybe a percentage her but it's very very crazy to see such a large share percentage anyway and also this v22 upgrade now allows us to implement 1.2 burning so all the code is in the chain 1.2 burning offer already financed we have all these big exchanges like, take it like i said , code Will allow a 1.2 percent burn on 3568 bid they say they upgraded somehow and now what comes? now Now that we have a stake, now we have a parameter change We are waiting for the offer to be updated to the terra station and then we will vote and then this parameter change will take place, that is, 1.2 percent combustion it's all there in the background anyway. Only we need to activate it with a parameter change and two weeks from now it should arrive in the next few days and a rough date for the bird around two weeks from now? Around September 12, most one thinks that the blight will be fully activated, but already on chain that is currently enabled for existing um active validators and then more bets, more validator can also be created. a we get after next block height and upgrade, but as you can see from zardar, who was one of the great people in the implementation of these suggestions and actually created the cremation proposal, we have even more updates on the burn, especially on binance. for binance, binance could have started burning the chain yesterday if he wanted to, this is It was after v22 upgrade that most people the thing to realize is off-chain that the system is completely isolated from the world, that is it's more of a finance about not wanting to pay taxes unfairly until the chain tax is in effect, their customers are basically means all these major exchanges are binance crypto.com, another one of them mandela that's all 1.2 burns and network upgrades and explaining everything prepares the chains to implement, for example manually but once again this measure indicates as, first everything went smoothly and then they wait until they're obviously chained. this message is in jane affects all people who trade , because as this message states, it would be unfair if they delay the finance , I can hurt the stock market, maybe people quits finance and so much which means we wait until then A big date like September 12 and I think by the way very large stock market will accelerate and these burns will mobilize, so what kind of bank will he look at them with this volume? we're hitting well right now at daily volume per day three to four hundred anywhere between millions of dollars we're doing it somewhere, it'll be anywhere between two and five hundred, so how much per month one hundred to one point eight trillion token can be burned Number of burns I can easily see once again that it increases similarly to the number of stakes Peoples hundreds of billions I don't think they expected the token to be staked so quickly for terrell classic but I think it's very similar when the burning starts the effect will occur we can have a really big firmware impact and as I said hundreds of billions of I see very very possible for over trillion tokens classic to be burned in the first about a week of this terror with the coming of a ban and once again we had some more photo kicks in the market a As I said in the previous video I wouldn't be surprised if we're trading a little sideways in the next few days but the more we learn about combustion, the more the more information we get about the exact date for especially the parameter When the changes come, they're all jus will get closer and closer stock markets step forward plan of action on how to actually implement burning by burning emerge they will put it all just with catalyst
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