What is Catecoin? Where and how to buy Cate coin?

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What is Catecoin? One of the coins that attracts attention in the crypto money market is Catecoin. So, what is Catecoin? Where to buy cate coin? Here are the curiosities about Catecoin.
It was created to add a different perspective to the meme (internet deer) world. CATE Token is created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. Users with at least 100,000 CATE Tokens will be able to make their own memes, while users with at least 10 thousand CATE Tokens will be able to post likes and comments. CateCoin, also known as CATE Token, performs a burn transaction at the rate of 1% of the transaction price after each transaction. It also distributes a 1% reward to existing investors after each transaction, such as buying and selling. Although there is a coin called CateCoin, it is a token unit, not a coin. CateCoin is also a platform and its crypto currency is CATE Token.
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You can easily buy CateCoin tokens on pancakeswap. 100,000,000,000,000 of this token were ...





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