Algo Shorting Binance Coin BNB (Short Selling Only)

  • 1 year ago
  • Wrapped Bitcoin
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Binance will probably go bust like all the other crypto firms, so this algo sells BNB coin every minute or so depending on live code deployments, and randomly sends a BUY order to reduce the position by a small amount. The amazing thing about bitcoin is you can buy, send it to an exchange, and then bet against terrible coins with it, then convert back to bitcoin. I for sure respect the technology of bitcoin, I think there is a fixed supply ever to be generated, and that any of these other protocols that have unlimited qty generation are a dangerous and unstable premise from the onset. For example, any coin that will generate somehow every year for the next five years variable coins into supply, it is a protocol that has major exposures that cannot easily be interpreted or have high capacity for rapid valuation adjustments. Protocols that have fixed supply figures experience enough volatility on their own, let alone do they need volatility for unpredictable quantities of supply. Whe
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