Bitcoin (BTC): Crypto Will Be Out Of The Bear Market When This Happens!

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Intro: 0:00-1:25 Market data: 1:25-4:10 DXY, DOWJ, S&P500 & Total CMC: 4:10-7:44 Bitcoin price update: 7:44-9:36 Upward directional move: 9:36-11:20 Downside directional move: 11:20-13:57 Bitget exchange: 13:57-15:06 Market cypher A indicator: 15:06-17:47 Small time frame technical analysis: 17:47-22:25 Larger time frame technical analysis: 17:47-22:25 🔥Trade where I trade! Sign up for Bitget Exchange with the link to get up to $4,163usd in trading rewards: 🐳Join our FREE Crypto Telegram: 💎Join MegaWhale V.I.P Trading Signals Telegram: 🎓The Crypto Academy Website: 👉Follow me on Twitter: About me: I am a Full-time Crypto analyst, Day trader and investor from Australia! I specialise in technical analysis and take an unbiased view of the markets, focusing on the data and charts only! So.... come join the Whale family and let's cover bitcoin and altcoins together
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Wrapped Bitcoin

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