Do we need Alts? Making the case for Bitcoin Maximalism!

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#Bitcoin #Altcoins #BitcoinMaxis #DoWeNeedAlts #IGotChallenged #AltsVsBitcoin 👋JOIN THE COMMUNITY: DISCLAIMER: InvestAnswers does not provide financial, investment, tax, or legal advice. None of the content on the InvestAnswers channels is financial, investment, tax, or legal advice and should not be taken as such; the content is intended only for educational and entertainment purposes. InvestAnswers (James) shares some of his trades as learning examples but they are only relevant to his specific portfolio allocation, risk tolerance & financial expertise, may not constitute a comprehensive or complete discussion of such topics, and should not be emulated. The content of this video is solely the opinion(s) of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading equities or cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. Kindly use your judgment and do your own research at all times. You are solely responsible for your own financial, investing, and trading decisions. 00:00 Introduction 01:19 How To Challenge IA 01:32 Patreon Member “Airstyle” Challenges IA 02:00 Airstyle says…Decentralization 03:20 Nakamoto Coefficient Top Layer 1’s 04:03 Bitcoin Energy per Tx vs VISA 2022 04:29 2188 KwH in Perspective 05:00 Summary 05:27 Airstyle says…Everyone Can Participate Within The Network 06:00 Why Bitcoin Can’t be Banned? 06:14 Cost to Run a Bitcoin Node 07:15 Airstyle says…Quick, Cheap & Low Energy 07:32 Strike & Lightning are Game Changers 08:26 Lightning Network App Users 08:56 Enter ETH - Vitalik claims Competitive w Visa 09:31 SOL $500 Transfer Cost $0.000006 10:23 Airstyle says…BTC As World Reserve Currency 10:50 Yes - Bitcoin is Better Money 11:29 Bitcoin is Better Than Gold & FIAT 12:14 Airstyle says…BTC Has a Strong Narrative: “Digital Gold” 12:50 Commodity Branding is the Ace in the Hole! 13:46 120 Yrs Global Reserve Currency Development 14:44 Airstyle says…Adoption & Worldwide Interest 15:26 BIS' Basel Committee 16:21 $ Printing & Inflation is a Powerful Govt Tool 17:00 Oh - and Transfers are how Officials Get Elected 17:54 Airstyle says…Regulation 18:53 Bitcoin = Morality! 19:19 Surveilled Permissioned Ledgers 19:56 Govt Can Reach All 20:28 Airstyle says…BTC Survives & Thrives 21:00 Great - 18,000 to Go! 21:44 Airstyle says…BTC Only-Wallet 22:01 SeedSigner 22:31 Airstyle says…Fixed Supply & Deflation 22:53 According to Cane Island Digital Research (CIDR) 4% of circulating bitcoins are lost every year! 23:01 BTC Year 2048 w 1% Drain 23:40 Airstyle says…Distribution of Coins 24:34 Bitcoin Held by Retail ATH at 17% 24:47 Aggregate Cohorts 25:36 Airstyle says...Alts & Fiat Incentive 26:11 Smart Contract Platform Inflation 27:05 Airstyle says…DAPPs and NFTs 27:48 NFT & Blockchain dApp Risk 28:47 Airstyle says…BTC Risks 29:25 Miner Risk 30:00 Re MSTR & Satoshi Risk 30:34 Airstyle says…Alt Gains 30:47 It all goes back to Metcalfe’s Law 32:07 Conclusion 32:09 Summary of all Points
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