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Welcome to our channel. It's a very good business, if you can keep up with it. If you have patience then you can definitely succeed in trading. If you only want to profit in this market then you can lose everything you have to have a losing mindset.The market will never give you profit or loss, you have to take profit or loss out of the market with your skills. Before coming to this market, you must know its pros and cons. If you know what you can gain and what you can lose, it will be convenient for you to trade. This market can't make you a big man overnight, remember that you can become a fakir overnight but you can't become rich and if you want to become rich, you can slowly prove your worth and rise to the top of success. If you have no idea about this market then you should not come to this market or if you can't come here knowing well about this market you will lose your accumulated money.Never make too much profit in this market, if more people do, you will need a lot of time to save yourself from the loss of that greed.Since you have come to this market, I think you have general knowledge about this market. Before investing here you should check and invest depending on someone's words if you invest then you can slowly reduce and increase your fanta but you will face loss at some point. It will be seen that the one who took the trade after listening to him can get out right when the market goes down, you can't. Then I will say that whatever you do, do it carefully. Then you can definitely learn from mistakes and do something better later.
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