Bitcoin comment from the famous economist: It can go down to 7 thousand dollars

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Bitcoin, which broke a record after the bull season in 2021, entered a long and harsh correction period with the year 2022. Famous economist Harry Dent, on the other hand, compared Bitcoin to Amazon stocks during the dot-com bubble period ...
While the Fed policies, the war between Russia and Ukraine and the supply chain problems caused by the pandemic in the world, especially in China, cause Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to experience very serious declines by 2022, the debates on whether these declines end or how long they can continue continue. “Like Amazon, it will fall hard first and then break a record” Famous economist Harry Dent, who participated in the podcast of Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad", made important evaluations about Bitcoin and stated that the largest crypto currency will experience a sharp decline before it reaches record levels: “I liken Bitcoin to Amazon stocks in the dot-com bubble era. At that time, Amazon was at the forefront of the rise for a certain period, and then, like others, its price collapsed. However, in the next period, at a time when everyone said "it will not get better", it started to rise and broke new records. I think it will be the same with Bitcoin. It can even take the hardest hit among financial assets. It can go as low as $7,000. I am a believer in this technology. In fact, at a time when I had no idea, someone who spoke at my own conference told me, and after that I said, 'Here's the next big thing'. Yes, Bitcoin is the next big asset but first it will have to go down like Amazon did.” Robert Kiyosaki, the owner of the podcast, is also known to be a Bitcoin supporter. Kiyosaki regularly recommends buying Bitcoin, gold and silver in his comments.
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